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MESO Vytal Skin Therapy

The secret to MESO Vytal Skin Therapy is that micronutrients are placed directly into your skin so they are rapidly absorbed and promote the natural improvement and rejuvenation of your skin. The entire process is simple. MESO therapy utilises a cosmetic tool that contains 18 extremely tiny needles that gently penetrates the skin. At the same time, micronutrients are injected into the skin to promote healthy rejuvenation. The needling process is painless but naturally boosts the amount of collagen your skin produces by adding Hyaluronic Acid and essential vitamins and nutrients to your skin to reduce wrinkles.There are 3 different compounds that can be chosen at Torink Cosmetics depending on the condition of your skin.

*MESO Vytal Med - If you suffer from wrinkles, Revive Med may be the best option for you. Hyaluronic acid is the main ingredient in this treatment and improves the elasticity of the skin, boosts natural collagen production, and ultimately reduces wrinkles better than other facials and Botox treatments without being as invasive.

* MESO Vytal Pure – Pure was developed to help reduce skin dryness by naturally rehydrating skin cells with a mixture of amino-acids and natural plant extracts. By rehydrating the skin, Torink Cosmetics can help increase your skins tone and glow for long-lasting healthier skin.

* MESO Vytal Fresh – Fresh is the most powerful anti-ageing MESO therapy available. With a mixture of vitamins and amino acids high in antioxidants, Revive Fresh fights free radicals in your skin to minimise or eliminate the signs of ageing.

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