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This includes 0.5ml Lip fillers and 1ml Cheek OR Nose to Mouth line fillers.

Treatment time: 30 minutes     Treatment cost: £350 Juvederm OR £300 Revolax  

Torink Packages

The Delicate Package

The Liquid Gold Facelift

This includes 1ml Lip fillers, 2ml Cheek filler and 2ml Chin and Jaw filler 

Treatment time: 30 minutes per session     Treatment cost: £900 Juvederm OR £600 Revolax  

The Silhouette Package

This includes 1ml Lip fillers, 1ml Cheek fillers and 2ml chin or jawline fillers.

Treatment time: 45 minutes     Treatment cost: £750 Juvederm OR £500 Revolax  

The Ariana package

3ml Facial Filler anywhere in the face. Except Tear trough or nose.

Treatment time: 45 minutes     Treatment cost: £400

The define package

This includes 2ml Jawline filler and 2ml Cheek filler.

Treatment time: 45 minutes     Treatment cost: £550 Juvederm OR £400 Revolax  

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